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CV Fashion Club
Posted on 05/04/2021
Fashion ClubCV Fashion Club
Bella Barbush
Staff Writer
[email protected]

As the school year is coming to an end, there are still new clubs being formed by CV students. One of the newest clubs is CV Fashion Club, introduced by co-presidents Sophomore Scarlett Phamross and Elena Richardson. The CV Fashion Club is an outlet for students to explore their interests and express themselves.

“This club was started so that students can have a creative outlet and the opportunity to learn. Not just to learn from the information at the meetings, but also from each other,” Phamross said. “The goal of the club is for students to have a space to create, design, and explore their interests within fashion. We hope to explore and build on the many layers and careers within the fashion industry.”

As of right now, the club has 23 members, and is focusing on spreading the word to other students. The club is still in its early stages, only having had two zoom meetings so far.

“The most important expectation for club members is simply attending meetings. Since the club started late in the year, we don’t yet have a specific number of meetings that you need to attend, but it just shows commitment and that you are happy to be in the club. And of course, it is expected that everyone is just being respectful and having a good time.”

If interested in joining the club, DM the club’s Instagram (@cv.fashionclub) or one of the presidents' (@scarpross or @elenafrichardson). From there the GroupMe information will be sent. There are many exciting things being planned for the future.

Phamross said, “I am very excited to start meetings in person. I think that this will allow the club members to better get to know each other and socialize. It also will open up a lot more opportunities in terms of meeting activities. We hope to do things like sewing workshops, in-store trend spotting, jewelry making, and much more. Meetings will most likely be face-to-face starting next year.”

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