My HOCO Proposal

Sweet HOCO Proposal
Posted on 10/08/2021
Sweet HOCO ProposalMy Perfect Homecoming Proposal
Genevieve Miller
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Everyone wants that big poster, big crowd, at a big event homecoming proposal. That's how most of the ones you hear about in movies or see in school go, right? There was a time I thought I wanted that too. A poster with a really bad pun, written in even worse handwriting, spread across a floppy piece of poster board. After a year of quarantine and isolation though, I realized I no longer wanted something like that. Absolutely terrified I’d get the big cheesy handwritten poster (previously described) I ironically said nothing to my boyfriend about itt. I just crossed my fingers and hoped my face wouldn't turn bright red.

Friday evening the air was crisp and it finally felt like the start of Fall. I came home from school and got ready to go out to dinner with my boyfriend. I redid my makeup from school and since we were going to the school's football game after we ate, I grabbed my gray 1992 CV football sweatshirt and waited for him by the front door.

Once my amazing chauffeur arrived, we left for Issei Noodle, the best ramen restaurant ever. We ordered boba and ramen at the front and then I ran to grab the window seats before the rush. Pretty quickly the waitress brought over two giant steaming bowls of ramen, which was normal, but no boba yet. I was confused but didn't question it. We did have water for some reason and we never got water. I did point that out.

Throughout the entire meal I talked about the boba and how it was stupid if they were going to bring it out last, since it usually came out first. We both finished and the boba had still not arrived so I said I’d go ask. My spring to action was quickly shut down as my boyfriend started to go up instead. I was scrolling through my phone really confused about what was going on, because one minute turned into five minutes more of waiting. Eventually, my boyfriend finally started to come back to the table to sit down with the drinks. Very excited we finally got the boba, I took a sip of the sweet drink and realized the receipt was taped onto my cup? I looked at it and there was something highlighted in pink.



A big smile crossed my face and I sweetly looked up at him and said, “you’re dumb.”

Obviously I said yes. I didn't see it coming and I absolutely loved it. No bright red face, no big crowd, no big cheesy poster, nothing off of Pinterest, and I got free food! That was my perfect homecoming proposal.
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