Dunkin vs. Starbucks

Dunkin vs. Starbucks
Posted on 10/14/2021
Dunkin vs. StarbucksDunkin' vs. Starbucks
Griffin Huffman JD Hunter
Staff Writers

Dunkin' and Starbucks are two of the largest cafe franchises in the country. Both of these franchises specialize in coffee, but what is the real difference between the two? If you were craving a pumpkin flavored coffee, where would you go? This Fall, both franchises have started releasing their Halloween specials once again. We will be reviewing the taste, service, and price for each of these specials.

Griffin reviewed the pumpkin donut and Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Dunkin'. "The pumpkin donut was very soft, dipped in glaze, and you could almost taste the pumpkin before even biting into it. When I washed it down with the coffee, I really couldn't taste the pumpkin in the cold brew. However, they did include whip cream with cinnamon drizzled on top which gave it a sweeter taste. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I would rate it a 6.3 out of 10. The coffee tasted like any other coffee to me. The service here was quick and the employees were polite and efficient. They did make one mistake with my order; instead of giving me two donuts that I had ordered, they gave me four donuts. I’m not sure if this was in error or on purpose, but it definitely felt like a better deal getting 4 for the price of 2."

JD reviewed the pumpkin loaf and Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks. "The pumpkin loaf was a perfect pastry to eat with the cold brew. The loaf had nuts on the surface which added an interesting, crunchy texture and taste. The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks was much tastier than Dunkins. The pumpkin flavor was more pronounced and the whip cream and cinnamon topping complimented the drink just perfectly. I would give the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew a 8.6 out of 10. The Starbucks staff was very kind and efficient. I appreciated the fact that they didn’t make any mistakes with my order, and the ordering and check out process was very smooth and fast."

After reviewing the two franchises it was a close decision on who was better. Both franchises were efficient, kind and helpful to us when purchasing our orders. Starbucks made no mistakes when making and serving my order; Dunkin did but it was a generous mistake. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew was easily tastier than Dunkin's. However, Dunkins cold brew only cost $3.99, while Starbucks cost $4.75. All in all, Starbucks was better in our opinion.

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