2022 Fall Fashion: What’s Hot

2022 Fall Fashion: What’s Hot
Posted on 09/12/2022
2022 Fall Fashion: What’s Hot 2022 Fall Fashion: What’s Hot
Lili Graff
Senior Editor
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Students show off their Fall Fashion as they walk the Cumberland Valley Halls

Like models on a runway, Cumberland Valley students can be found sporting a variety of new fashion trends and colors as they strut the halls this fall. Students showcase their sense of style from pricey Lululemon investments to hidden Community Aid finds, often inspired by what is circulating on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and VSCO.

Daily Wear:
Senior Fashionista Ola Gradzka defined daily fashion as, “Simple, re-wearable, and earth-toned” and the way to go. “I love a pair of straight leg or mom jeans with a white top and a flannel or sweatshirt over for warmth. I think I do the jean plus white t-shirt combo like three times a week.”

Senior Taylor Whitehead said, “Depending on the weather, I either wear shorts or sweatpants and then a good ole’ t-shirt…When I’m trying to dress fancy I’ll wear jeans or have a nice skirt moment.”

Gradzka said, “I get most new clothes nowadays from Target and the thrift store. Occasionally I’ll go to Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, or Aritzia if I'm in a city because I do not online shop almost at all.”

“I feel like everyone gets their staple clothing at Target, but Lululemon… that's a big one,” Whitehead said.

Lululemon: Is it worth it?
Lululemon has blown up on TikTok and Instagram for its technical athletic apparel and students have become hooked. Whitehead has fallen into this addiction having purchased over 30 items from the store.

“Some things are worth investing in, some other things on the website could be overrated. I think they do charge quite a bit for their clothes, but, you know, once I bought my first thing I was hooked on the material of the clothing,” Whitehead said. “I just placed an order the other day actually. Looking forward to that coming in.”

Gradzka said, “I am an Athleta girl through and through. That being said, Lululemon does have cute things. I like the Keychain, Define Jacket, and Belt Bag a lot. I think that it’s nice to have some nice athletic wear because personally for me it makes me more motivated to work out.”

Fanny Packs:
Fanny packs are back and booming in 2022 after their decline during the early 2000s. On top of their practical use for holding cell phones, wallets, lip gloss, and more, they have also proven to be quite the stylish accessory for students.

“I love them,” Gradzka said. “I have a lulu belt bag and it’s extremely useful, especially for concerts or events where bringing a large bag is cumbersome.”

Whitehead said, “I love the fanny pack comeback. I think it’s incredible, so versatile. They really hold everything I need.”

If attending a Cumberland Valley football game, people will surely find many fanny packs in the student section as they cheer on the team, hands-free, while their prized possession stays zipped up around their hips.

Fall fashion seems to revolve around its muted tones and comforting nature. Whitehead said, “Comfortable, Cute, and Relaxed” is the fashion consensus this year.

With this cozy dress code in mind, UGGs have completely resurfaced, even though no one expected them to survive past the early 2000s. The style has changed, making the boots smaller and less chunky; the most popular products this year are the “Classic Mini II Boot” and the “Tazz” slippers.

“Uggs! I love my uggs. They’re so comfy and can go with anything if you put your mind to it,” Gradzka said.

Although not nearly as comfortable, Nike sneakers are an expensive footwear alternative that many students have been sporting this year with casual and dressy outfits.

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