Alternative Graduate Options

Graduation Alternatives
Posted on 09/16/2019
Graduation AlternativesCollege Isn’t the Only Option
Riley Powell
Staff Writer
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The prospect of not going to college after high school is frequently frowned upon by many. It seems that it has been ingrained into the minds of several that college is the only option to the point where people who don not enroll are judged for it.

Many students choose a different path than college. Senior Aaron Wise does not plan on going to college right after graduation.

“After graduation, I would like to take a gap year to work and travel [to Europe], then after one year I plan on joining the Army or the Air Force,” Wise said.

Actually, by serving in the military, the government offers to pay tuition for those who serve which will give Wise the opportunity to go to college and study criminology and become a law enforcement officer debt free.

Eamonn Mattiello's decision is similar to Wise's. Once he graduates in May, Mattiello will take a gap year to work in order to save up for college. After that he plans to attend HACC to further his education.

After graduating from HACC, he hopes he will be able to “find some success in film making or pursue a career in criminal justice,” Mattiello said.

While college is a great opportunity to further a person’s education, it is not the only option available after high school. Finally graduating opens doors to several different futures, and also gives people the freedom to choose whichever one they desire.
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