Antara Kulkarni: THON Family Relations Chair

THON Family Chair
THON Family ChairDuties of the Family Relations Chair
Angie Bihl
Staff Writer
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Being one of the 20 student leaders for CV Mini-THON, senior Antara Kulkarni takes on the role of the Family Relations Chair, reaching out to the Four Diamonds families.

After seeing the impact this organization has done for the children, Kulkarni decided to apply for a larger role to have a bigger part in fighting for the great cause.

“I have always loved working and interacting with others and when the opportunity to be apart of CV Mini-THON Leadership came, I immediately knew it was for me.” Kulkarni said.

“I wanted to be the Family Relations Chair because I wanted to work directly with those that were benefiting
from this amazing cause and see the impact it is making on them."

Kulkarni leads one of the smaller CV Mini-THON committees.

“My committee consists of 15 members,” Kulkarni said. “They help me out by writing personalized thank you cards to all the parent and teacher help at all the events, and also thank you cards to anyone who donates money to us." 

Aside from working with her committee members, Kulkarni is given the responsibility of reaching out to Four Diamonds families.

“Outside of my committee, I am in charge of emailing around 30 Four Diamonds families and keeping in contact with them prior to our events so they know what, when, and where our events are at, so they can come and join us in the fun,” Kulkarni said.

On the day of the events, Kulkarni makes sure everything runs smoothly for the Four Diamonds families.

“At the actual events, I am in charge of making sure the Four Diamond families are welcomed and are having a great time, since this is all for them,” Kulkarni said.

“I play games and participate in activities with the Four Diamonds children and their siblings." 

As for the night of Mini-THON, Kulkarni holds the role of making sure Four Diamonds families are feeling excited and welcomed throughout the night.

“My committee and I spend our 12 hour night in the preschool lab room playing, interacting, and hanging out with Four Diamonds children and families,” Kulkarni said.

With the interactions and time spent with Four Diamonds families, Kulkarni has found a new reason as to why she Mini-THON’s.

“I Mini-THON for these families that I work with. Seeing the smile on their face at the end of our events makes me want to work harder for them. I want that smile to stay forever and for a cure to be found one day,” Kulkarni said.

Kulkarni continuously works hard to ensure that each and every Four Diamonds family is feeling taken care of at each and every CV Mini-THON event, and to show them all the people in the community coming out to help and support them.
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