Bad Holiday Gifts

Bad Holiday Gifts
Posted on 12/12/2018
Prison BowlCV Student’s Worst Holiday Gifts
Kate DeVries
Staff Writer
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When the holiday season rolls around, sales pop up, new inventory hits shelves store hours increase, and everyone rushes to get their friends and family gifts. People begin to wonder and anticipate what they will receive for the holidays. The anticipation is exciting, because sometimes people get their dream gifts, but other times people get the shorter end of the stick.

Usually Grandparents fall responsible for the wacky and unwanted gifts.

When heading to Grandma’s house, people expect to get what they ask for, unfortunately in some cases this isn’t exactly what happens.

Freshman KK Ball, is one of the many teens who has been thrown a curveball. She got laxatives in her stocking for Christmas last year. “I still have them, but hope I never will need them,” Ball said. On the bright side KK will always have a funny story to tell.

Another student that didn’t get the best gift over the holidays last year was freshman Caden Coburn. He got a 23 pack of scissors from his Grandfather.

“ I think I have used two pairs so far,” Coburn said. The Coburn family will pretty much just have a lifetime supply of scissors, which isn’t too bad.

Freshman Mack DeVries got quite the gift from his Grandparents in fifth grade. He got a large popcorn bowl made by inmates at Maine State Prison’s woodshop program. What Grandparents think to get a unique gift like that. Mack’s mother was given a wooden jewelry box from the same prison.

“The prison bowl is pretty useful and I use it for popcorn all the time, so I guess I’d consider it a good gift,” DeVries said.

Grandparents try hard to give the best gifts they can. Sometimes the gifts are a little out of the ordinary. If you ever get laxatives or a “prison bowl” remember it’s really the thought that counts.
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