Bunzee Bands for All Hair Types

Bunzee Bands for All Hair Types
Posted on 02/10/2020
Bunzee BandsA Hair Tie For All Hair Types
Nyla Anderson
Staff Writer
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Bunzee Bands, a new hair tie has been gaining a lot of popularity on Instagram. Users claim they are more comfortable and less damaging than regular elastic hair ties. The problem with many regular hair ties is they become too tight and cause headaches, as well as breakage to the hair. Regular hair ties also don’t cooperate well with kinky or curly
hair. They easily get stuck and pull out the hair.

Bunzee Bands have a thick cushion coating over the elastic for comfort and to secure the band in place. Bunzees are shaped like tiny cotton balls with lines in between to connect them and keep the band from moving. At the end of each one is a bead that can be moved along the band to adjust the size.

On bunzeebands.com, there are a few colors to choose from, but they only come in certain packets as a collection.

The fact that the product is adjustable is an improvement over regular hair ties, especially for curly hair because most bands are made for ponytails and not puffs. People can wear different sized afro puffs with the adjustable band without hair getting pulled out. The cushions are really comfortable and can’t really be felt on the head, and it does, in fact, stay in place.

The Bunzee Bands are more expensive than other hair ties, but they are reasonably priced at around $11 for one and around $15 for a 3 pack. They do have better quality overall and last longer than regular hair ties.

It would be cooler to have more colors and the option to pick separate colors rather than only getting them from certain packages. Bunzee Bands are very useful and work for every hair type.

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