CV Eye Stops by the Workshop

CV Eye Stops by the Workshop
Posted on 02/14/2023
CV Eye Stops by the WorkshopCV Eye Stops by School Workshops
Dylan Levis
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Ethan Nestor and Nolan Gilbert build a chair in Engineering, Design and Development class.

Cumberland Valley students are already more than halfway through the year which means course selection is coming up fast. Many students have no idea what classes to take next year and may be stressed about it. I had the opportunity to stop into one of our school workshop classes, and if you like hands-on classwork, these workshops are definitely for you.

Engineering Design and Development class students were hard at work last week. Everyone was in groups collaborating with each other about the project at hand. I asked a few students about their project and what they were working on. It turns out that the project for the next few weeks would be working together to build a chair from scratch. Not only that, but when asked about their thoughts on the class, everyone had the same answer; it is amazing. There is constant challenge with trial and error along with useful material for your future self.

Personally, I had the chance to take Intro to Technology and I have never regretted it. This class took me out of my comfort zone as I’m not used to working hands-on and using big machinery. The first thing this class teaches is machine safety and safety in general so students approach every day with safety first. When students master the machines, that is when the projects and fun starts. This class was always the highlight of my day and I wish I took more workshop classes.

All workshop classes at Cumberland Valley are worth taking. They take students out of the normal classroom and let you be creative in their own way.

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