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Posted on 01/16/2019
Hot Christmas Presents for CV Students
Veronica Slevin
Student Writer
[email protected]

Now that Christmas is over, everyone is talking about their new gifts. As a teenager, it is always exciting to get new clothes or a cool new item. Here were the most popular gifts at CV in 2018.

Airpods- This apple product had the most popularity of surveyed CV students. This hot new item is bluetooth wireless headphones with amazing technology. The headphones have many amenities that are exciting to high school student.
Clothing, Shoes, and Hats- Many retailers come out with new styles to sell before Christmas and other winter holidays. Many CV students come in after break with the hottest style or simply a new sweater. One individual received some cool new Vans sneakers, other students appreciated Birkenstocks and others enjoyed the hats they received.
Other Technology- In our generation, many people enjoy new technology. Multiple people enjoy their new video games, including the Nintendo Switch and games included with that (Super Smash Bros, for one). Others received a smartwatch and one person received a new camera lens. Others received a polaroid camera. Laptops were another popular gift. With the increase in technology at CV, it is becoming more important for students to have technology at home.
“I use my new MacBook every day for school” Freshman Emma Warner said.
Money- People also appreciate the money they received. Including gift cards, I think this is the best gift for high school students. The students can choose what they want for their presents and purchase their own gift. Another option is to save the money to work towards something worth more.
Jewelry and Skateboards- With an equal amount of votes, these more niche items were highly valued among CV students. Girls got necklaces that they enjoyed and wore to school. The boys surveyed received skateboards and skateboard wheels.

Other niche items:
A ping pong table, hydroflasks, lacrosse sticks, makeup and so much more! What I learned from completing this survey was that not everyone loves the same things and sometimes a more simple or meaningful item is valued higher than a “hot item” like airpods or hydroflasks.

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