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Student YouTubers
Posted on 02/14/2019
CV Students' Youtube Creativity
Ava Cappelli
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Since 2005 youtube have provided an outlet for students to express themselves and students from CV
take advantage of the opportunity to put themselves out there.

Junior Derek Stoneroad has 116 subscribers and 30 videos and has been making videos for two years. For
him, Youtube is a creative outlet.

“My youtube channels called Carolsveganlife and I like to do life style videos and I also like to do anything that's comedy or vlogs.“

The channel has also been beneficial to Stoneroad’s mental health. “After posting a new video my self
esteem goes up, I like looking for a lot of views and a lot of engagement with my audience, I get really excited when i have a new video out. If my video doesn't get as many views or likes as expected then I feel like the video isn't as good and doesn't have as much artistic value and its not very nice.

“I never delete my videos though, I stand by all my content. I just don’t feel as good about it.”

Overall the channel has been a great outlet for Stoneroad’s creativity and has boosted his self esteem.

Freshman Grace Walker has 11 subscribers and 12 videos and has been making videos for a year. Initially she
started the channel so she could upload projects for school, and then her creativity blossomed into something independent from school.

Walker said, “After posting a new video I feel hopeful that the viewers will respond to it and if they it will be okay because I will just keep trying… I really don’t try to
make content for my viewers I try to make something i’m happy with first and hope they like it.”

Youtube has been a great way to boost the self esteem of CV students and has helped
the students creatively.
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