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Posted on 10/29/2021
Campus ToursAdventuring to New Campuses
Elijah Jumper
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Over the summer, I drove or flew to different colleges to tour and see the college campuses and sports facilities first hand. Each college had different pros and cons to each. Here are  pros and cons on three of the campuses I went to over the summer: Queens University of Charlotte, Sacred Heart, and Mount St. Mary’s.

When I flew to Queens University of Charlotte, I spent five days living on campus for a rugby camp. My time on campus was a great experience. The campus itself has almost all of its original facilities from over 100 years ago. The buildings are all brick and maintained very well. The scenery on campus is very beautiful as well. Their indoor sports facilities are state of the art. Even though Queens U is set in Charlotte, a larger city with plenty to do, it has a tight-knit environment, with many opportunities. The Queens U campus was one of my favorite campuses I have been to so far.

Sacred Heart in Connecticut is the biggest school on this list of three. The campus is very scenic and modern. Many of the buildings are newly built or newly renovated. Walking around the campus you will see many art structures and statues. There is also an old school 50s themed diner for students. One of the most intriguing buildings on campus is the large chapel. Many alumni come back to get married at Sacred Heart’s chapel. Their sports facilities are also nice, with a brand new weight room and turf field. Sacred Heart is in a medium sized city of Fairfield, Connecticut. There are a lot of things to do outside of campus, but it is still not a huge metropolitan area for somebody who doesn’t want to be in the big city.

The final school on this list of three is Mount St. Mary’s. The school itself is fairly small, but the campus is huge, spanning over 14,000 acres. The buildings are like Queens U, still original to when the school was founded, built with bricks and mountain rock. Each building is accessible and laid out nicely. The campus is set in a very small town, so it’s fairly quiet and easy going. The sports facilities are very nice, with multiple fields for each outdoor sport, and top notch indoor facilities. One of my favorite parts of the campus was the chapel that is over 200 years old. It has a gold plated ceiling, with a huge chandelier in the center of the ceiling hanging down. It is without a doubt the most beautiful chapel I’ve ever seen. The golden statue of Mary is also a big eye drawer to visitors. Mount St. Mary’s is a beautiful campus and well-knit community. There is not much to do outside of campus unless you travel about a half hour down the road. But it is very nice and quiet with lots of opportunities and exquisite scenery.

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