Caring For Different Hair Types

Different Hair Types
Posted on 11/18/2019
Different Hair TypesCaring for Different Hair Types
Nyla Anderson
Staff Writer
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Different hair types and textures call for different methods of care. There are many hair types, from 1a, being the straightest, to 4c, being the kinkiest or curliest. There is no one correct way to care for hair, but there are good tactics and products that work for specific hair.

1a to 3a (the straightest) is the easiest to maintain compared to others, depending on how long it is. At night, most people just put it in a bun or ponytail, or just leave it out. Putting in a bun at night can cause breakage, so asking a hair stylist would be ideal to avoid it. If 1a to 3a hair is really thick, washing it every other day may be easier than washing it every day.

3a to 3b hair are loose curls, and get tangles easily. Going to sleep with nothing done to it is risky. Putting it into a bun or braid can work, and wrapping it with a scarf is better. Adding in a moisturizer or detangler and combing before bed is important, but not necessary. Shea moisture is great with this type of hair. The company sells detangler, shampoo, conditioner, curl enhancers, and other cool products. This hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as earlier mentioned hair types, possibly once every two weeks. It also depends on the thickness of the hair. Most people with this type of hair keep it wet while styling.

4a to 4c can be the hardest to maintain, with the higher chance of shrinkage and tightest curl. Simply putting it in a bun is not the wisest choice, as the hair is still exposed and does not prevent shrinkage. The best thing to do it section the hair into multiple twists or smaller puffs, using a moisturizer and detangler. Protecting it with a bonnet and/or scarf prevents dryness the next day. This type of hair is usually washed once or twice a month. While natural, keeping it damp os better for styling it or just getting ready for bed. Shea moisture also works well with this hair, as well as form, a newer hair care company. The website provides a quiz to assign the perfect product.

There are some products meant for all hair types. Many of them are designed to avoid frizziness. Silk pillow sheets and head scarves prevent frizz because of the smoothness of the fabric. That way the hair will be easier to fix the next day. Microfiber hair towels prevent frizz, breakage, and dries faster than a cotton towel. Scalps are also different, so doing more research or consulting with a professional is always wise.
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