Cute Hairstyles for Short, Tight Curls

Cute Hairstyles
Posted on 08/30/2019
Cute HairstylesBlack Girls With Shorter Hair Can Look Cute Too
Nyla Anderson
Staff Writer
[email protected]

There aren't many black girls in this area, which may cause them to feel insecure about their hair and how it may look to others. It also takes a lot of work and time to style tight curly hair. These girls should know that they are not alone and there are simple styles out there that look really cute on them, and they only require a comb or brush and some hair product.

The first style is simply to leave the hair out and letting it do its thing. Make sure to moisturize, because leaving it out makes it more prone to get dry and shrink. Adding a little gel and a side part makes it extra cute too.

The one I use the most is one puff. Pull it back with anything long enough, like a shoestring, piece of yarn, or a scarf. If that’s too boring, part two pieces of hair at the front and center of your head and brush them out. Then braid them. You can either leave them down or pull them back into the puff. Two cornrows back into the puff also looks really stylish.

My favorite one is more stylish and requires a little more work. This is better to do after you wash your hair. Dry and brush all of your hair. It may turn out better if you have a blow dryer at home. Take a section on either side of your head and separate it from the rest. Do at least three flat twists or cornrows in that parted section. Then flat twist the rest of the hair. Flat twisting it upwards will help it look more full. The next day, take out the bigger section of flat twists and you’re done.

There are many other styles to choose from. I recommend talking to your stylist (if you have one) to analyze the best hairstyles for you and how to take care of them. Adding accessories like hair clips, bows, and beads give the hairstyles more personality.

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