Don't Do Bird Box Challenge

Posted on 01/16/2019
Don't Do the Bird Box Challenge

By Ally Palmer
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Everyone has been buzzing about the newly released Netflix original movie, Bird Box. The film has people of all ages engaged in watching the drama/ thriller.

To those who have not seen or heard of Bird Box, it is about a mysterious force that causes people to have hallucinations and kill themselves if they look at it. The story follows a woman and her children as they try to survive and make a dangerous journey through a river and woods… blindfolded. The film stars Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Machine Gun Kelly, Sarah Paulson, and others.

Some viewers have attempted to recreate the film by doing the “Bird Box Challenge” on YouTube It is what anyone would think it is: people blindfold themselves and attempt to get around while not being able to see. This although very amusing, can get dangerous. Walking around doing things blindfolded can cause harm to the person doing it and others, YouTube and Netflix have denounced the practice, asking people to please not accept the challenge.

Other people have taken extreme measures in the “Bird Box Challenge” by actually driving on roads blindfolded. This took the challenge to dangerous levels because, of course, there has been accidents. This act of driving while blindfolded is not only dangerous but is also, to put it bluntly, stupid.

The “Bird Box Challenge,” whether dangerous or funny has become a popular challenge that humans and even animals have done. Yes, people have even blindfolded their dogs to make a funny meme of the challenge.

The challenge is not recommended to try because it possibly results in injuries and is dangerous. If attempted, it is advised to take caution and to do it in safe conditions where no one would be injured.

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