Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies
Posted on 04/05/2019
Girl Scout CookiesStudent’s Favorite Girl Scout Cookies
Grace Milone
Staff Writer
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Girl Scout cookies are easily a huge focal point of the year. Only being allowed to order them one time a year from only one organization makes the process even more exciting. The appeal to these cookies is because they are unlike any other. They cannot be buyed in stores or whenever they are wanted. They are sold for a specific period of time once a year and at the same time of year.

Once ordered and after waiting two or so weeks, the cookies are delivered and devoured by many. During this time, the CV hallways are filled with students and their box, or boxes in most cases, of cookies. They are fought over at lunch tables and are savored by many. These cookies are extremely popular all over, but CV students are serious when it comes to their Girl Scout Cookies.

There are plenty of flavors and types of cookies that people love. These include:

Girl Scout S’mores (two kinds)
Thin Mints
Do-Si-Dos/ Peanut butter sandwich cookies
Savannah Smiles
Thanks - A - Lot
Caramel Chocolate Chip

The obvious and most well known favorites among people and the CV student body are Thin Mints and Samoas. Thin Mints are a chocolate and mint cookie that is covered in chocolate, while Samoas are a shortbread type cookie, covered in caramel and coconut and then drizzled with chocolate. All of them are as delicious as the next, but these two are the most commonly purchased.

“Being a girl scout is someone who is loyal, brave, intelligent, a leader, kind, and someone who is helpful, among other things," sophomore Emma Cantor said. "My favorite part of Girl Scouts is either selling cookies or doing activities with my troop, our most popular cookie is thin mints but my favorite is samoa’s.”

Whether a person buys one box or seven, sharing is not an option with these types of cookies. The boxes are somewhat small with about 12 cookies per box starting at four dollars each. This prize possession comes at a price for a small quantity, but most agree that the money is worth the results.

At CV, there are many students who are Girl Scouts and wish to sell to other students and even teachers. This is an easy way for the Girl Scouts to sell cookies because of the large population at CV who are willing to buy. With the cookies recently being sold and delivered through the CV community, teachers and students ease their sweet tooth with the delicious one time a year cookies.
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