Grad Gives Advice

Rucha Wani
Posted on 09/03/2019
Grad Gives AdviceHigh School Through the Eyes of a CV Graduate

Riley Powell
Staff Writer
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Navigating the four years of high school can prove to be a daunting task, whether it be earning good grades or balancing school with other priorities such as jobs, sports, or relationships.

However, the help and advice of others can make the hurdles seem less intimidating than originally thought. As a former Cumberland Valley student, Rucha Wani is familiar with the high school life, so she hopes that telling her own experience at CV can help current high school students with theirs.

After graduating high school back in 2017, Wani then went on to college to pursue marine sciences at the University of Delaware. Now entering into her third year of college, Wani reflects back on her years in high school and what had helped her during her own time at Cumberland Valley.

“Cumberland Valley has some of the greatest teachers and I encourage people to curate their time at CV to benefit from strong student-teacher relationships,” Wani said. “Teachers and coaches make the best life-long mentors because they genuinely care about your success.”

Not only does Wani encourage forming a bond with a teacher or coach at school, but taking advantage of the resources that CV offers, including academics, arts, and sports. “So while you still can,” Wani said, “enjoy the opportunity to engage with your teachers and get involved in challenging activities because they are all provided for your overall growth.”

As for those closely approaching college and applying to schools, Wani provides information and advice on the process.

“College is not supposed to be a continuation of high school, so when you pick your new home think about how you’d want to be socially and academically challenged because it’s the best opportunity for you to grow,” Wani said.

“I encourage people to try an activity that’s outside their comfort zone when they get to college because you’ll either find something new to be a part of or you can always pick something else if it’s not the right fit for you. The experience is unique because you really get to experiment with classes, activities, and even people, so pick a place that will let you do something self-exploring.”

While high school is something to definitely take seriously because it can play a huge role in an individual’s future, it’s also about simply enjoying life; so enjoy the journey!
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