HACC EMT Class at CV

Posted on 10/23/2020
HACC EMT Class Offered at CVHS
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer 
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CVHS offers a college course through HACC in which students can work towards receiving EMT certification. Students find that the course is intense, yet worth the effort put in.

“The curriculum is challenging, it’s graded like an actual college class. Because of COVID we have quizzes and tests online, but the important ones are in person. The class is very hands on which is very fun. I love the class; it challenges me and makes me want to learn more,” Senior Nick Armbrust said.

There are several reasons the students decided they wanted to enroll in the class.

“Before I figured out what I really wanted to do with my life, I needed a back up plan just in case everything didn’t go as planned. So I took this course to get my certification so I would have a stable job if anything did happen. It was for security,” Senior Jeon Lee said.

“I wanted to be in the EMT class because I want to go into the medical field,” Armbrust said.

During the course students have the opportunity to ride in the ambulance so that they get a well rounded experience.

“We practiced with an ambulance which was very neat. We learned how to put the stretcher into the ambulance and learned where things are. I actually was a “ patient” and got loaded into the ambulance on the stretcher which was awesome. Then we drove around in the parking lot recklessly to simulate what it would be like in the back,” Armbrust said.

Lee had a different experience.

“Since I get motion sickness it’s actually the worst when you're in it (the ambulance) but after it’s a pretty fun experience,” Lee said.

COVID-19 has affected numerous activities, the EMT course being one of them.

“The class has been impacted by only meeting 2 days a week instead of the classic 5. Now we learn with the text book at home and we do hands on things in person,” Armbrust said.

Nevertheless, the students are making due with the circumstances and even recommend that other students consider taking the course.

“I would recommend the class to someone that wants to go into the medical field because of how much experience you get,” Armbrust said.

“I for sure would recommend it to anyone if they want to pursue a career in the health fields, it’s a great stepping stool. But, even with people like me who aren’t going into a health field, it’s just a nice security for a potential job in the future,” Lee said.

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