Hersheypark Summer Concert Review

Hersheypark Summer Concert Review
Posted on 09/14/2022
Hersheypark Summer Concert ReviewSidney Krebs
Staff Writer
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Pitbull performed at Hersheypark Stadium July 30. Photo courtesy Becca Earnst

Students got the opportunity to experience various artists take on Hersheypark Stadium this summer including Thomas Rhett, Pitbull, and Zac Brown Band.

Thomas Rhett brought his “Bring the Bar to You Tour” June 24, 2022. Performing at the Hersheypark Stadium, Rhett held an amazing show for his fans. The tour included his new album Center Point Road and even songs going back to his first album, It Goes Like This.

“This summer, I had the opportunity to see Thomas Rhett in concert at Hersheypark Stadium. I went with my three best friends, Sidney Krebs, Lili Graff, and Kate Berra. This was my first time seeing Thomas Rhett in concert, but definitely not my last,” senior Reagan Basehore said.

Connor Smith and Parker McCollum, two very talented artists, opened for Rhett.

“The opening performances were pretty solid. If I’m being honest, I had no idea who Connor Smith was, so I did not really listen to his performance. Also, I thought that Parker McCollum was amazing. I know a handful of people who went to that concert strictly to see him, considering his song ‘Pretty Heart’ blew up and has remained super popular ever since,” Basehore said.

“I assume Parker McCollum will go on to be the main act on his own tour some day, and I will definitely be in the audience! Thomas Rhett's entrance was just as expected, amazing. He sang one of his more upbeat songs, ‘Craving You,’ and everyone was singing along!”

Thomas Rhett’s tour includes stops in 30 other cities across the country, with his last show on October 15th in Fairborn, Ohio. Rhett does not stop there. He and his crew will “Bring the Bar” to Canada after their American tour.

“My favorite song was hands down ‘Make Me Wanna.’ It is upbeat and fun, and I was able to dance along which is always a bonus! The crowd was unbelievable and the atmosphere was surreal,” Basehore said. “Everyone was just there to have a good time and to enjoy some beautiful country music. I have attended a wide variety of concerts, and this past summer I also attended a Sam Hunt concert. Sam Hunt was amazing, but the environment and performance of Thomas Rhett was on a whole different level. All in all, the Thomas Rhett concert was an unforgettable night!”

Pitbull, Iggy Azalea, and Sean Paul brought the “Can’t Stop Us Now Tour” to Hersheypark Stadium July 30, 2022.

“I saw Pitbull for the first time in concert this year at Hersheypark stadium with some of my friends,” senior Taylor Whitehead said.

“I thought that Iggy Azalea was incredible. It was so exciting that I got to see her perform in person because I always used to listen to her growing up!” Whitehead said. Pitbull had such a cool entrance! All the lights went off and then all of the sudden he was on stage singing ‘Don't Stop the Party!’ I think this was a great song to open the show with because it was one everyone knew!”

Last year, Pitbull performed over 40 sold out shows.

“The concert was incredible and I was still so hype afterwards. I think my favorite song that he performed was ‘Time of Our Lives’ because of how hype the song gets you. One thing I loved was the environment of the concert. It was like one big dance party where everyone knew all the words to every song. That definitely made the concert super enjoyable,” Whitehead said. “ I attended two more this summer but I would say out of all the concerts I've been to, Pitbull is definitely one of my favorite ones!”

The Zac Brown Band came back for their annual concert at Hersheypark Stadium on August 14.

“I got the opportunity to see Zac Brown Band in concert this year. This was the first time I have seen them, but I will definitely be going again,” senior Jenna Herbster said. “The Robert Randolph Band opened for this concert. I had never heard them before and they had a very different genre of music. It was a mix of country and rock, and it was definitely a new experience! Zac Brown Band's entrance was amazing! He opened with one of his most famous songs, ‘Toes,’ and he performed everything so well!”

Zac Brown Band has been coming to Hersheypark Stadium every summer since 2014.

“The concert was absolutely amazing! I was so happy after it and life didn’t feel real during some of the songs. The atmosphere there was incredible and everyone was there to have a good time which made it so fun. My favorite songs were ‘Chicken Fried’ and ‘Colder Weather,’” Herbster said. “This was the second concert I have ever attended, and it was definitely the best one yet! He had such a good performance and there were lots of unique moments that I have never seen before. He brought in different performers and sang covers of older songs, that was super cool! I would 100% recommend this concert and I will definitely be going again next summer when they come back!”

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