Inspired School Lunches

Inspired School Lunches
Posted on 11/12/2018
Packed LunchInspiration for Packed Lunches
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer
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In school lunch is a very important part if a student’s day. When in the cafeteria, there are two choices: buy or pack. 41% of students buy while 47% pack. Some students need inspiration for lunch ideas that are both quick and taste good. Here are some simple lunch ideas:

A sandwich, carrots, yogurt, gogo squeez, and a juice box.

A salad with ham, cheese, and croutons paired with soup and a juice.

A yogurt parfait with granola, carrot sticks, a banana, and a juice box.

A lunchable with a juice box.

Chicken noodle soup with crackers, an apple, oreos, and a juice. 

A wrap with ham and cheese, oranges, pretzels, a gummy snack, and a water.

Students who pack daily shared their recipes to inspire others to change it up a little:

“I pack cheese and crackers sometimes or cheese and little baguette slices. Add pretzels with that and a pack of gummies and a granola bar. I pack every day but sometimes I buy snacks to go with my lunch,” sophomore Grace Milone said.

“I pack mac and cheese and strawberries. Sometimes I have a salad or bagel,” sophomore Ella Thomas said.

“I had a turkey sandwich with lettuce and cheese and I had some potato chips with gummies and a granola bar,” sophomore Phillip Lundblad said.

“I eat PB&J, I eat cheeses, sometime I eat strawberries, and a king size Reese's peanut butter cup,” sophomore Shruthi Umashankar.

“I usually eat pesto salad and any kind of salad and turkey sandwiches,” sophomore Jordan Millikan said.

If students have money in their accounts, they can even save money while enhancing the packed lunch. One way to do this is to buy dressings in the cafeteria for $0.55. This will help spice up any salad. Another tip is to buy a side to go with a packed meal instead if the while lunch. Students can save up to $2 which adds up over time.

Buying snacks in bulk to pack for school is another way to save. Also, save unopened condiment packets from takeout meals, such as ranch or peanut butter, and pack those into lunch.

Many students pack lunches because of factors such as cost, health, and taste of course. Overall packing a lunch can help students save money and could be a healthier alternative. There are a handful of ways to conserve money while making a yummy meal.

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