Living In Another Country

Life in Another Country
Life in Another CountryLife Outside of America
Riley Powell
Staff Writer
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America is known for diversity, but despite this there can be a lot of ignorance concerning other cultures. Interest in one’s roots can prompt many people to travel the world.

In Cumberland Valley, students can learn about a specific culture by talking to fellow classmates. With an extremely diverse school district, the community gives students a chance to understand and appreciate it.There are many students that are able to provide information on what it is like to live in a foreign country.

One is senior Shriya Wani. She lived in India from ages five to eleven. By spending those years in India, Wani was able to gain a deep appreciation of the life and culture and  bring it back with her to America.

Moving to India gave Wani the chance to become close to her extended family which is something that would have been difficult if her family did not move back there.

As for the cultural life in India, Wani was able to experience events such as “the festivals which were very educational,” Wani said. “And being immersed in your own culture, which is another thing I would not have been able to do if I had stayed here.”

As a teenager in India, Wani explained the difference of freedoms in India compared to America. In India, teenagers have more freedom and independence. One aspect in which they get freedom is through transportation; India has a stellar transportation system and also offers people the chance to get their two-wheeler license at the age of fifteen.

Not only is transportation limited, but the parents in America are more strict and occupied with getting their children a good education. However, despite the benefits of living in India, Wani does not plan on moving back there.

Senior Ole Beu’s was born in Germany and didn’t move to America until he was in high school. Now that he has lived here for a few years, Beu finds two major differences between the countries: culture and food.

In Germany, there is a deeper connection to culture than what is seen in America; in fact, their bond is strengthened with events such as carnivals throughout the year.

As for the food in Germany, “there was a real depth to the food and the taste was really superb,” Beu said. Whereas in America, that richness in food is not as present according to Beu.

Besides the culture and food, Beu also noted teenagers enjoy more freedoms. In Germany, one way in which they had independence was with transportation where they could take a bus, a train, or ride a bike to their destination.

Despite his fond memories of Germany, Beu wants to travel to other countries to learn their customs and cultures rather than moving back to his home country.

Ultimately, while most people don’t have the opportunity to travel, asking fellow students about their experiences can do the same.
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