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Mind Matters Club
Posted on 11/18/2019
Mind Matters ClubMind Matters Club
Melanie Ascoli
Staff Writer
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Cumberland Valley High School is home to a myriad of clubs and activities, including the Mind Matters club run by Senior Faith Wieman. The Mind Matters club is one that is very important but also very underrated at CV.

The club focuses on the mental health of students and helps to promote mental health awareness. Any student can come to one of the meetings if they are dealing with any issues or are just looking for help with their wellness. The club also promotes positivity and is a very judge-free environment where students can share their thoughts and feelings in productive ways.

The Mind Matters club is one of the small ways that CV is helping to improve the mental health stigma around the school, as well as creating new events such as the 10th grade Wellness Summit. This club along with other events helps to create a safe and open environment where kids do not have to struggle in silence.

"We provide support and help to those struggling with mental health issues. Also, we want to educate others on mental health to break the stigma surrounding it," Wieman said.

The club is not only important but is also a fun time for the students involved. Kids get to play games and other fun activities to relieve stress.

“In our club, we do fun activities that we relate to mental health. We give information on the subject and have a group discussion about it. We plan on having guest speakers at some point to speak about mental health,” said Wieman.

Wieman also said, “This club is important because we want to change the way people think about mental illnesses. We want people to not be afraid to talk about it and to understand what it means. I would personally recommend anyone to join. It is a great way to engage yourself in a discussion and to get educated on the topic.”

Any student struggling or needing help should join the club as it is a fun safe way to relieve stress in a very open environment. Even students who do not need mental health help should join because it is important that everyone stays educated on this topic. The Mind Matters club is a fun way to learn, share, and grow as students and people.

The Mind Matters meets twice a month, every 2nd and 4th Thursday.
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