Mini Mini THON Planning

Mini Mini THON
Posted on 10/31/2019
Mini Mini THONPlanning a Mini-Mini THON
Angie Bihl
Staff Writer
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In efforts to educate young children through the district about what Four Diamonds is, CV Mini-THON’s Outreach chair works hard to prepare a fun-filled day for the elementary schoolers throughout the district.

CV Mini-THON’s Outreach chair, Callan Sarfert, organizes 8 Mini-Mini THONs, one for each elementary school in the district. There are two Mini Mini-THONs per day, and the first ones of the year are held November 8th at Silver Spring Elementary and Hampden Elementary.

“For each of the Mini Mini-THONs I have a one-on-one meeting with the principal about a month before the event to discuss the day and how we want to go about things like the schedule, individual fundraisers for the school, and locations of all the stations, along with a rain plan,"Sarfert said.

Periodically, though, Sarfert visits each elementary school to keep them notified on any updates she has on the process of planning, to drop things off, and pick things up.

“I go to the elementary schools about 1-2 times a week after I drop off flyers so that I can pick up donations, t-shirt order forms, and money,” Sarfert said.

Sarfert is in charge of planning what types of activities the kids participate in on the day of their Mini Mini-THON.

“I plan a craft, a game, a skit, and dance that the kids will participate in,” Sarfert said.

With the help of the CV Mini-THON advisors, Kristen Grieble and Roy Stanley, Sarfert chooses who attends the Mini Mini-THONs.

“For each Mini Mini-THON, members from the leadership team, the outreach committee, and selected seniors who stand out as good workers on their committees, are split up and assigned to go to one elementary school to work stations,” Sarfert said.

Throughout each Mini Mini-THON, the school works together to raise as much money as possible, in which the CV Mini-THON student helpers will present the total amount of money at the end of the Mini-THON-filled day.

“Each student is sent home with a flyer with an attachment in which their parents can send a check back in with them to the school or they can donate online to donor drive to the link for the school,” Sarfert said.

With all the work Sarfert puts into each and every Mini Mini-THON, Sarfert hopes the elementary schoolers will have an enjoyable day, but more importantly, learn about the difficult subject of cancer.

“I want the elementary schoolers to have a fun day, but I also want them to walk away having a better understanding of what Four Diamonds is and what is does,” Sarfert said. “Cancer is a difficult topic to address with kids, but I want them to understand how it really could happen to kids like them, because it is happening to kids like them. With that they will hopefully better understand how amazing Four Diamonds truly is,” Sarfert said.

Sarfert, with the help of the CV Mini-THON leadership team and advisors, are working long and hard to ensure the elementary schoolers in the district gain a better understanding of what cancer and Four Diamonds is, by holding a Mini Mini-THON for them.
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