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Mike and His Friends
Posted on 03/03/2020
Mike and His FriendsHighs and Lows: Dealing With College-Bound Friends
Michael Patchin
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Through my freshman, sophomore, and now nearly three-quarters through my junior year, I have made some hopefully lifelong friendships. However, some of these friends are preparing to make the transition to college this upcoming fall.

This is something I try to not think about too much as I will miss seeing them in the halls, at practice and just hanging out on the weekends.

I am learning that I am not the only one who is in this position, and that many underclassmen are having that same realization set in. When thinking of my high school career, some of my fondest memories come from playing

I had a tough junior season and had to deal with many obstacles and struggles. It was much easier to go through that having some of my closest friends on the basketball team (many of them being seniors) who were always rooting for me and having my back. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank them enough for how much they have helped cheer me up, whether it was something small such as a text to see if I wanted to grab some food or all of us going to a fellow teammate’s house for a team bonding session.

Although this season may not have been my favorite on the court, it will surely be a memorable one due to the relationships I’ve created--especially with the soon-to-graduate seniors. Looking outside of the sports world, I’ve also made several great friendships while writing for the school newspaper. I have the best time in CV Eye
just joking around with the guys everyday. I have made unforgettable memories this year with my classmates.

As my friends prepare to move on to their next step in life, I wish them all nothing but the best in their future endeavours. I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity to get to know them and they have become some of my best friends in life. So, my advice to fellow juniors in a similar position to myself is simple.

As the time until they leave rapidly approaches, try to spend as much time with them as possible. Do not take any of these times for granted because eventually
you will be in their position, having to say goodbye to your best friends.

Make sure you are always appreciative of them and thank them because in several months you’ll be the senior, and
with their great advice you’ll be fully prepared for your final year at Cumberland Valley.
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