Not Too Late to Start College Preparations

Not Too Late to Start College Preparations
Posted on 09/20/2022
Not Too Late to Start College PreparationsIelon Raykhelson
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Mrs. Ferguson is a wealth of knowledge every student should knkow

As graduation rapidly approaches, seniors are consistently reminded of college applications and the urge to know what their after school plans are. However, many seniors who have not started their application process are feeling lost, stressed, and confused when faced with these questions To help with making this journey as stress-free as possible, Melissa Ferguson, the College & Scholarship Coordinator here at CV, shared some information.

Is it too late to begin college preparations? Not necessarily, it depends on the college students would like to apply to. For an “unpopular” college, or a community college (HACC), they can apply past their graduation date. However for a more competitive college it’s best to begin as soon as possible. For students who haven’t started their application process, anytime before and until thanksgiving is a good time to have a solid foundation for the college applications. Regardless, the sooner students can start the better.

What are colleges looking for on applications? Colleges are looking for well-rounded students who’ve shown ambition, accountability, and effort towards their grades. While a competitive GPA is one of the more helpful points on an application, it’s not the only thing colleges look for when considering potential students. If a seniors overall GPA hasn’t been strong for the recent school years, be sure that there is visible progression within their transcripts. Selling points on an application would include: involvement in their community, job experience, extracurricular activities, and including the optional essay. The main question students should be asking themselves when thinking about their application is, “How do I make myself sellable?”

Should seniors be stressed if they’re “behind” on their applications? No, not at all. Students are being pressured more and more every day to know exactly what they want to do and where they want to do it. In reality, so many of them are still undecided or are overwhelmed with even just the thought of the future. Students still have time to make their decisions, and they shouldn’t stress themselves out over this. However, the time to start their application process is now, and theyshould have a sense of urgency. If they plan on making it into college, be sure they focus on their classes this year and making themselves sellable.

To contact Mrs. Ferguson, or any of the school counselors about college, take time to first review the College Planning Night presentation. After, appointments can then be made by either emailing or calling the desired counselor and requesting to meet with them.

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