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Prism Concert 22
Posted on 05/30/2023
Prism Concert 22

CV Music Department performs the PRISM concert

Ielon Raykhelson

Staff Writer

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On October 19th, 2022, the CV Music Department partnered with various student-led music groups to perform the annual PRISM concert at the CV High School Performing Arts Center. This concert helps to promote musical individuality, as well as bring a taste of different musical cultures and genres, within the high school. Through student-led groups alone, those in attendance were exposed to different types of choral music, classical pieces, guitar ensembles, along with both saxophone and clarinet quartets. 

How did the PRISM concert begin?

While Mr. Grifiths and Mr. Porter were in college, their colleges both had a performance like CV’s PRISM concert, it was “the highlight of the music department.” They were both so inspired by their college's performance that they wanted to bring it to CV, which officially started in 2018. 

What is the importance of this concert both to the parents and to the performers?

Personally, I’ve always found joy in participating in and watching the school's PRISM concert; playing music and listening to music are both some of my favorite things to do, so to me, this concert means a lot. When listening to the music at this concert, you’ll often find yourself deeply immersed by the encapsulating feeling of the music, as each music group flows effortlessly into eachother in different parts of the PAC, one after the other.

The PRISM concert is important because “not only does it feature the entire department, but features student-led ensembles and promotes student leadership.” It gives the students the opportunity of “learning the discipline of how to put together and organize group,” as student groups are met with difficult questions like “no conductor, how do we keep time?” Porter explained how the PRISM Concert proves very beneficial as there is “a lot of learning organically”.

Regarding the parents, Porter said “typically parents experience specific participation of an ensemble. This concert allows all parents to see all facets of the department.” My parents specifically enjoyed this concert as they’re only used to experiencing the Concert Band. Having that joint experience of the entire music department along with the numerous student-led music groups allowed them to hear many different styles and genres of music.

Be on the look out for next year's PRISM concert Although there’s no specific date set, more information can be found by emailing either Mr. Porter or Mr. Bomboy with any questions!

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