Review: Lupin Part 1 Premiere

Review: Lupin Part 1 Premiere
Posted on 01/21/2021
Review: Lupin Part 1 Premiere Review: Lupin Part 1 Premiere
Jayson McGaffin
Staff Writer
[email protected]

The current third highest trending Netflix Show in America, 'Lupin' made its part 1 premiere on January 8th and brough drama and action to the screen. French actor Omar Sy stars as the main character, Assane Diop.

Assane is a Senagalian native who moved to France when he was a young boy. His father was the butler for the richest family in France, the Pellegrinnis, who were the proud owners of the Queen's diamond necklace. In 1995, the necklace went missing and Mr. Pellegrini blamed Assane’s father for the robbery. There was never clear evidence that Assane’s father had stolen it, but he was still put as guilty and was sent to prison, and would end up hanging himself to death.

Now it is the present and Assane is on a mission to clear his fathers name. He does this by following a book his father gave him when he was a kid called “Arsen Lupin” who is known as the gentleman thief. Assane has repeatedly read that book since the day he got it and has turned himself into Assane Lupin. He is a master of disguise and plans everything one step ahead. Assane now goes through many friends and colleagues to help him find all necessary information that would help him clear his father’s name. The ending of part 1 brought a dramatic ending when Assane’s son goes missing and Assane runs into someone he was hoping he wouldn’t see.

The first 5 episodes of this series were really good and brought a lot of action and drama. The episodes were all 50 minutes long. Every episode got more interesting as it went on and it brings a lot of excitement for part 2.

This show is originally a French speaking show but was then given an english overvoice for all of the characters. And because it is originally French and the english words do not match the actors' mouths I would give this show a 9/10. Other than the speaking, the show brings great promise for part 2 which all viewers cannot wait for.
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