Second Semester Senioritis

Posted on 02/26/2019
SenioritisSecond Semester Senioritis
Amanda Willigerod
Staff Writer
[email protected]

It’s no secret that during the second semester some of the CV seniors tend to pay less attention, spend less time studying, and care less about school less in general. For some this feeling of disregard begins at the very beginning of sophomore year, but Senioritis is a very real
phenomenon that affects hundreds of students who are nearing graduation each year.

Eachstudent at CV may, however, experience this phenomenon in different ways.

“I’ve started to procrastinate on all of my deadlines, and I’m much more focused on out of school activities rather than actual school work” Senior Omar Tandir said.

Senioritis is mainly driven by the fact that a lot of seniors have already committed to their colleges, and no longer feel the need to worry about schoolwork anymore. Others simply have the desire to enjoy their last couple of months in their hometown free of stress from attempting to succeed in academic pursuits.

“To me my grades don’t really anymore now that I’ve already committed to college. I’ll obviously still try, I just have a hard time caring as much as the past three years.” Senior Jesse King said.

There are obviously those students who still care about class rank, as grades still contribute to this number at the end of the year. Other students simply feel the need to do well based on their own internal drive for good grades and success.

That being said, it’s safe to say that a large number of students in the senior class have begun to take their school work less seriously as graduation approaches and Senioritis sets in.
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