Senior Training for her Future

Senior Training for Her Future
Posted on 09/28/2021
Senior Training for her FutureSenior Riley Ritter Training for Her Future
Hailey Harker
Staff Writer
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Athletic training is an internship offered to high school students of any grade to participate in a medical-based learning experience. There are athletic trainers for a all sports including football, field hockey, boys lacrosse, and the rest. The student aides work alongside the three official trainers at Cumberland Valley- Sheila Mueller, Leah Renko, and Nate Cooper.

Ritter is a second-year athletic trainer for the football team. She is responsible for providing water, stretching out players, and assisting with the taping and wrapping of injuries.

Ritter said, “As a senior, there are no specific jobs that I have to do. But I do try to be the best role model for the juniors who are here that will be taking my spot next year.”

Athletic training is a large commitment during the football season with the summer camps, daily practices, and games on Friday nights.

Ritter described her daily routine. “I normally get to athletic training around 1:45 and get the tennis stuff together which includes water, injury ice, walkie talkies, and med kits. Along with that, I get Cross Country water and prep for Freshmen, JV, and Varsity football. For these teams, they get the usual water, medical kits, injury ice, and electrolytes. They also get treatment, taped, and rehab before practices. Friday nights are always the best. Preparing before the football game- getting everything either loaded up in the van to take over to the opponent’s field or prepping our own field. There is so much that goes into getting the players ready every day, and I honestly love it.”

Additionally, athletic training is an excellent opportunity to prepare students for their future. Most students involved in athletic training are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field and use this as hands-on experience.

Ritter said, “I am so thankful for all of the experiences that have come out of my two years here at Cumberland Valley Athletic Training for the football teams. I plan on continuing sports medicine at Penn State, majoring in Kinesiology.”

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