Sophomores Balance School and Job

Posted on 02/19/2019
Balancing School and a Job From a Sophomore's View
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer
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Throughout all years of high school, managing time can be tough. By sophomore year many students invest time in new clubs, sports, and activities.

One after school activity which 10th graders have been increasingly doing is working. A job provides money, of course, which can be used for various things such as food, books, and college. Even though having a job sounds like
a piece of cake, it can be hard to balance school and work.

Three sophomores: Hayley Watts, Julian Palumbo, and Annalee Tapp share how they balance their time. Watts works at the Carlisle Sports Emporium, Palumbo works at Da Vinci’s Italian Eatery and Palumbo’s Pizza and referees basketball, and Tapp works at Chick-Fil-A.

“I have to work the register (meaning I sell everything anyone has to purchase both food and activities). I also work in birthday parties and do simple tasks like restocking the fridges, sweeping and cleaning in general. I also work at skating on occasions as well: I work at the concessions there and in the Dj area as well as selling the skates and again cleaning more,” Watts said.

“My responsibilities are working the front counter, taking food out, prepping, cleaning, busing tables, helping with caterings, and washing dishes,” Palumbo said.

“I take orders, make milkshakes, and do basic cleaning and stocking,” Tapp said.

When asked about balancing time for school and work all three students basically said the same thing.

“I get my homework done when I have free time and plan ahead,” Tapp said.

Not only do these students have to make time for school and a job, but they also have to fit time in the schedule for sports.

“I plan around the days I have sports or the days I’m free. Sometimes if sports are later I work
earlier in the day,” Palumbo said.

Not to mention clubs and other fun activities outside of school.
“I am in Mini Thon for entertainment and once more I just balance it out and plan ahead with my planner,” Watts said.

Even though finding time for a job on top of many other activities can be challenging, students recommend getting a job 10th grade year.

“I would get a job sophomore year because it is good to have one. You get paid and it gives you responsibilities and a sense of maturity,” Palumbo said.

“It helps u become a more responsible individual and teaches you basic workplace etiquette,” Tapp said.

Lastly, “I would recommend getting a job because it has given me good money and has taught me various responsibilities like performing in stressful situations and just memorizing all of the prices and regulations,” Watts said.
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