Spotlight: The Hans-Grinberg Orchestra

The Hans-Grinberg Orchestra
Posted on 11/19/2019
The Hans-Grinberg OrchestraAn Inside Look At The Band: The Hans-Grinberg Orchestra
Alexis Stakem
Staff Writer
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The Hans-Grinberg Orchestra may sound like the type of band to play a concert hall that requires people to sit uncomfortably in slacks and tights for the longest two hours ever known to man.

However, this could not be further from the what the Hans-Grinberg Orchestra (HGO) strives to be. Aaron Grinberg and Ed Hans, both juniors at Cumberland Valley, formed HGO as a way of “Criticising the modern way of creating music,” Grinberg said.

Hans, for his part, wondered what Freud would have said about their desire to create rather odd music.

So, what is this rather odd music? Well, as Cumberland Valley teacher David Emerick said, “It’s like folk punk but worse.”

They are able to achieve this ground breaking sound by using a plethora of string instruments-most of them broken.

“We’ve used a violin, a ukulele, and a broken guitar and cello,” Grinberg said.

“And all of it was an artistic choice,” Hans said.

So far HGO has released three albums, Plagiarism, Not My Circus, Not My Monkey, and The Mass Chronology of Lieutenant Cheese and His Children Around the World. They have two unreleased albums that they intend to make public before the New Year. However, afterwards it may be awhile until we here new music from the band who creates music “absurd as the world," as they intend to create the longest album that has ever graced the mortal realm.

The title holder, Quiet Marauder, with an album spanning 4 hours and 49 minutes, is soon hoped to be overthrown by the HGO with an album spanning an entire day.

Until then the orchestra would like to recommend that those reading this article listen to One Big Rhinoceros.
“It’s a classic. I believe it works so well because you aren’t able to listen for too long,” Hans said.

“However, Flier 47 is probably one of my least my favorite songs because it has a hint of rhythm and in some cases could possibly qualify as actual music,” Grinberg said.

The Hans-Grinberg Orchestra is band that strives to create music that makes people twitch in their seats and wonder “Why is this guy screaming at us in what can only be described as a mix between Swedish Viking war cry and 100 dog whistles being blown at the same time?”.

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