Spring Swimsuit Shopping

Spring Swimsuits
Target's Swimsuit SelectionSpring Swimwear Shopping
Lili Graff
Staff Writer
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As the weather is getting warmer, stores have begun to heavily market their collection of swimwear. Shopping for swimsuits can be difficult based on your preferences, but the process can be made much less stressful once you have found a store that “suits” your interests.

Before any type of shopping takes place, it is important to get yourself properly measured so you know what size would be most comfortable for you. This is especially important in the midst of the pandemic because some retailers have tightened their return policies.

In this generation I find that shopping for bathing suits online is a much more private and individualized approach. It saves you from the awkward dressing room encounters and has a bigger variety. Here are some of my favorite stores to help you navigate the shopping experience.

Target: You can’t miss Target’s latest swimwear as they have placed their selection at the front of all their stores. I noticed that their suits this season revolve around the simplicity of bright, solid colors and animal or floral prints. The biggest issue faced was the pricing. Tops and bottoms are sold separately for almost 20 dollars each. There is great sizing there and all different styles of tops and bottoms for younger or older women. They tend to be very popular, so if you end up buying from Target don’t be surprised to see one of your friends rocking the same bathing suit by the pool.

I noticed that all the trending suits are more for fashion, as opposed to having stability for active swimmers.
Shein: Shein has definitely been one of the most favored online destinations for girl’s shopping this past year. More recently, Shein has really stepped up their swimwear game. This is because their department offers figure flattering sizes, styles, and super cheap pricing. You can find a 2-piece set for less than 15 or even 10 dollars. The biggest concern when shopping there is that their bottoms tend to lack coverage and can be more revealing than expected. Another advantage to shopping there is that you can order inexpensive accessories to pair with your swimsuit.

American Eagle (Aerie): I was impressed by the options Aerie had to choose from. Out of all the stores I have shopped from for suits, the material from this store has been the best quality and was least likely to break. My favorite part about their collection was that they offer tall sizing. They were all under 40$ for a 2 set piece- which isn’t too bad. Personally, I have never liked one-piece suits, but the one’s from this shop made me reconsider buying one this year. However, if you do plan on buying at this store I strongly recommend doing so online. This is because in-store locations typically have a picked through selection.

I stick to these stores for my summer wear, but other notable shops are Athleta, Triangl, and Summersalt. Due to the influence of social media, small boutiques have also become very popular, but are often out of my own price range.

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