Student Athletes Manage Time

Student Athletes Manage Time
Posted on 02/15/2023
Student Athletes Manage TimeSenior Student Athletes Give Perpspective, Advice on Time Management
Ryan Hunter
Staff Writer
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At Cumberland Valley High School, many students participate in sports, so during the season many of these athletes learn the skill of balancing their academic and sports commitments.

Senior Ty King said, “After a long football season it's hard to transition to another sport, but managing all of those things was difficult. In the beginning I was struggling to study every night after a long practice. After getting over my old regimen I began to follow a new schedule, with practices being at different times it was difficult but I overcame it. Finishing the winter season made me realize how fatigued I was physically and mentally, but I also got to reflect on how wrestling and track made me become a better athlete and a better student.”

Senior Dylan Levis said, “After the school day, we usually have practice right after at 3:30, so I wait to do homework until after. When practice is done, I go home and get all my work done before doing anything else. On days we have later practice I get as much homework done as I can before hand and, if I need to, finish up after. It always takes getting used to at the beginning of the season, but once you figure out your schedule it becomes like second nature.”

All student athletes struggle with getting their homework done in season but the strategies they use all differ from one another.

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