Student Highlight: Isabella Roy

Student Highlight: Isabella Roy
Posted on 11/15/2019
Student Highlight: Isabella RoyStudent Highlight: Isabella Roy
Grace Milone
Staff Writer
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Secretary of Key Club and IB student Isabella Roy is dedicated to her school work and extracurriculars. This year Roy is secretary of the Key Club.

Based on the amount of students involved in Key Club and since Roy is only a junior, it is a great accomplishment to have obtained that position.

“During the elections for last year I had to give a speech during one of the Key Club meetings and the club members voted on it,” Roy said.

There are many aspects of Key Club that draws students to join and participate. Members must complete a certain amount of service hours in order to stay in the club.

“I really love the togetherness aspect and every event is very organized and connects to people. I also love giving back to the community,” Roy said.

Along with having an important role in Key Club, Roy is also a member of the IB program at CV. Although the program is rigorous and difficult at times, it has many
benefits as well.

“I feel like the curriculum across my classes blends and relates to one another. It's definitely a lot of work and takes a lot of time management skills. Some classes require activity hours and community service,” Roy said.

“I really like how it is different from 9th and 10th grade since it doesn't focus on memorization and challenges you to think deeper about things. It gives you skills that
are helpful for college,” Roy said.

“I've been wanting to do it since 8th grade actually and I was tired of common core classes and I've always wanted to ask more questions and go deeper into situations," Roy said. "We take more time on subjects and go into the philosophy of it. It forces you to be a well rounded student."

Some do not know that since there are few IB students, the majority of the classes have the same students in them. Roy described that she enjoys that part of the program.

“Yeah I’d say it definitely forms a close knit relationship and I can ask the 18 other people if I have a question,” Roy said.

The IB program is known for being difficult and requires a lot of skills to maintain a balance between the classes.

“The hardest class would be IB english. Sometimes the homework is light and other times you have all the assignments at once,” Roy said.

In addition to having an important role in Key Club and being an IB student, Roy also loves to do art, being outdoors, and spending time with family during her free time.

“I like art and to draw. I like to go on hikes and things like that. I like hanging out with my dog and spending time with my family. I like doing Key Club things and practicing driving (permit),” Roy said.

“My favorite hobby is probably art and I also like those lego collections and building things,” Roy said.

Overall, Roy enjoys doing many things in her free time when she is not at a Key Club event or doing assignments for her IB classes. Her hard work and time management
skills allow her to participate in such activities while keeping up with her class work.
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