Student Spotlight: Nicolas Leguey

Student Spotlight: Nicolas Leguey
Posted on 02/05/2020
Student Spotlight: Nicolas LegueyStudent Highlight: Nicolás Leguey
Sydney Manns
Staff Writer
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Nicolás Leguey came from Spain this year as an exchange student. Adjusting to a large school like CV can be frightening for new students. Leguey’s first impressions of the school were positive.

“My favorite part is the Dome. I like gym class,” sophomore Leguey said. “CV is a really big school.”

At the beginning Leguey had troubles navigating the school, but he was observant and learned quickly. The only critique he had was the size of the hallways.

“I didn’t like the small halls. There are a lot,” Leugey said.

Even though he is a sophomore, he is taking an English class with juniors because he went to McDevitt before coming to CV.

“I didn't even know it was a junior class when I picked it. I just picked one that was similar from the one that I had I McDevitt,” Leguey said.

Leguey is unfazed about being a sophomore in junior classes.

“It is not hard or anything. Sometimes I'm not sure about the meaning of a word or something like that, but I just ask,” Legeuy said.

Leguey keeps himself busy after school with different activities such as clubs and exercise.

“All Thursdays I have Anime Club. I like to watch TV and anime on my laptop, practice sports, and play video games,” Leguey said.

As expected, there are parts of home that he misses a great amount.

“I miss the Spanish food, my friends, family, and the public transport. In Spain I use the public bus a lot. I can go anywhere with it,” Legeuy said.

The students and staff at the school play a big role in making Leguey’s time at CV as easy as possible.

“The teachers have helped me and some of my classmates. There is another exchange student of the same organization in our school who helped me a little bit at the beginning, like with lunch,” Leguey said.

The end of his career at CV is this June, but Leguey has plans to continue his education.

“I want to study mechanical engineering or something similar in college in Spain,” Leguey said.

Coming to a whole new country was an experience Leguey was willing to take and one that he found to be worthwhile.

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