Students Balance School, Work

Students Balance School, Work
Posted on 10/19/2023
Students Balance School, WorkCV Students Have Interesting Jobs
Adam Somerville
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Staff Writer

Students at CV are exploring a variety of interesting workplaces in order to help build a strong resumes, build time management skills, and have some pocket change for those busy teen lives.

JJ Lebo is a junior basketball player who has been working for an up-and-coming business, Bob Sheetz Roofing.

Alex Sauve is a senior dual sport athlete who washes and cleans tractor trailers at rest stops within the county for Global Pressure Wash.

When asked about why they chose to join that specific working environment, Sauve mentioned he has a friend in the company and that pay is very generous compared to other jobs around him. Lebo gave the basic answer of wanting to make money and learning to work hard.

Both plan on working through the summer until they leave for college, which is next year for Sauve and in two years for Lebo.

Both understand the benefits of working while in school and when their sports are in season. Sauve said his job forced him to get out of his comfort zone since he was forced to drive on the highway for extended periods of time. He also learned to troubleshoot to fix machines when they brake down.

Lebo talked about the time management aspect of his work, saying it teaches him to get up early, stay on schedule and work hard.

Employers are hiring now for the holidays. 
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