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Students Study for Science Olympiad
Posted on 09/03/2019
Students Study for Science Olympiad
Top Tips for Academic Success
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Aparna Raghu
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Study tips for successfully managing school work with extracurricular activities is critical to students as they strive to meet standards of excellence.

Here are the top study tips from CV High School Students and Teachers

Sophomore Anna Cavanaugh said, “I find studying at the same time every day to be really helpful, and when I study I like to listen to music to help me focus.”

Junior Tammy Huang said, “I always do my homework before studying because studying for a test, I can do throughout the next day. Another thing I dois I tend to try to finish assignments the day before it is due, so I don’t have to stay up too late to try to finish it and I take naps after school to catch up on sleep.”

Junior Isha Thakkar said, “I find it best to get to homework as soon as possible. With tennis and other sports that becomes harder. Whenever I get home, I like to eat a quick snack and get to my homework. Procrastination always leads me to be lazy and I end up not doing as much as I could have if I would have started earlier.

Freshman Simran Kulkarni said, “I organize my schedule in a specific way. First I go home and eat snacks and work on homework-that’s about 1-2 hours. Then, I work on Science Olympiad for about an hour. Depending on the amount of work I have, the times change, but I always make sure to finish my schoolwork first then give the rest of my time for Science Olympiad.

Freshman Aapthi Kavuri said, “School should always be your top priority, and the importance that is given to every class can differ between students. After school, your extracurriculars like sports or academic extracurriculars like Science Olympiad should come next. That way you can manage your time well and have your priorities straight.

Teachers’ Philosophies:

Math and Computer Science teacher Mr. Yohe said, “In order to do your best in your studies, it is imperative that you maintain a growth mindset. To do your best, you must view all of your classes as problem solving opportunities. Never be defeated by a low grade...instead read your text, research confusing topics via online...attack all assigned practice problems. Research shows that all brains have limitless potential and hard work and stimulation will lead to academic success.”

Biology teacher Mrs. Sim said, “Each person should find the study habits that work best for them. Study repetitively. Each night review the material from the day. Active studying is also effective. Make notecards or create a quizlet.”

As similar trends are established, students are accustomed to various habits of studying and learning their material. Figuring out methods of studying are based off of personal likings and comfort. Therefore, the best advice is experimenting with several study methods and implementing ones that function best. For this 2019-2020 school year, use these tips and bits of advice to kick start the year with academic success.

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