The Famous Egg

The Famous Egg
Posted on 02/06/2019
The Craze Over the Egg

Michael Keefe
Staff Writer
[email protected]

The start of 2019 has been eggscellent. An egg on Instagram known as the World Record Egg has just broken the world record of likes which was 18 million recently held by Kylie Jenner.The photo was of she and her child Stormi.

The owner of the egg page is still unknown, but once in awhile the owner will have a photo of the egg cracking a small bit to lead people on and stay on the account and no ones knows what's inside.

Cumberland Valley student sophomore Wyatt Martz takes a guess on what is going to come out of the egg. “I think the egg is going to be a face reveal of the owner of the account.”

Some students couldn't care less. 

“The egg is so stupid I don't know why people would like it,” Freshmen Chloe Truong said.

However a lot of Other students love the Instagram egg.

“I really like the egg because it's funny, but I do feel bad for Kylie. She's probably tried really hard for it and an egg just took the record,” Martz said

Kylie thought that this was funny and made a video of her getting a brown egg and cracking it on the ground and she starts laughing.

“Her reaction was funny and original; she should have cooked the egg instead though” Freshman Justin Bordner said.

At the end of the day this is just a picture of a brown egg with over 50 million likes.

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