Time Travel Is Real...Sorta

Time Travel Is Real...Sorta
Posted on 12/12/2018
Time TravelTime Travel Is Real, and This Is Why
Emma Neely
Staff Writer
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This photo was taken at the opening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia, in 1941. The man, who is noticeably taller and younger than everyone else, is wearing casual, modern, clothing, including a knitted sweater over a printed t-shirt with a logo on it along with modern-looking sunglasses.

I believe that time travel is real not necessarily right now, but it will be invented in the future. Because of this, technically it is invented now. The people in the future would be time traveling to the time we are in now.

We don't really think about the act of time travel too much, but when we do, there is a huge argument to be had. Is it possible? I think that it is completely possible. There are so many different theories regarding to time travel, I feel like one of them has to be true.

An anonymous scientist from the IOP Institute of Physics said, "Travelling forwards in time is surprisingly easy. Einstein’s special theory of relativity, developed in 1905, shows that time passes at different rates for people who are moving relative to one another - although the effect only becomes large when you get close to the speed of light. If one were to leave Earth in a spacecraft travelling at an appreciable fraction of lightspeed, turn around and come back, only a few years might have passed on board but many years could have gone by on Earth. This is known as the “twins paradox”, since a traveller undertaking such a journey would return to find herself much younger than her twins."

The IOP Institute of Physics scientist also said, "But there may be an out to be found in general relativity, Einstein’s theory of gravity that unites space and time as “spacetime”, which curves in the presence of mass. It allows for the possibility of wormholes – a kind of tunnel through spacetime connecting otherwise very distant parts of the universe."

The final theory from this scientist also said, "Kip Thorne did, however, resolve an apparent issue that could arise due to by time travel (within the confines of general relativity). The “grandfather paradox” involves going back in time and accidentally killing one’s grandfather before one’s father is conceived - preventing one’s own birth, making it impossible to go back in time and kill one’s grandfather. Thorne found that for point masses traversing a wormhole, no initial conditions create this type of paradox."

The whole idea of time travel has been going on since almost the beginning of time itself. We don't realize, but when we think of time travel we always think of time machines, and speed and light.

NASA's Dr. Marc Rayman said, "Say you were 15 years old when you left Earth in a spacecraft traveling at about 99.5% of the speed of light (which is much faster than we can achieve now), and celebrated only five birthdays during your space voyage. When you get home at the age of 20, you would find that all your classmates were 65 years old, retired, and enjoying their grandchildren! Because time passed more slowly for you, you will have experienced only five years of life, while your classmates will have experienced a full 50 years."

This is an extreme example of the time travel that I don't believe to be real. There are many technicalities to this theory. If you get on a plane from Pennsylvania to Illinois, you would go back in time one hour. And when you go back, you go an hour ahead. This, to me, is not true time travel.

Dr. Rayman also said, "I am confident time travel into the future is possible, but we would need to develop some very advanced technology to do it. We could travel 10,000 years into the future and age only 1 year during that journey. However, such a trip would consume an extraordinary amount of energy. Time travel to the past is more difficult. We do not understand the science as well."

The idea of time travel has been pop culture since the 9th century BCE, and it isn't going anywhere soon.

James Gleick, the author of Time Travel: A History said, "Time travel appears in Hindu text The Mahabharata, and in stories such as Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle (1819) - but it usually only involved a one-way trip. "People fell asleep, and woke up in the future."

Since the idea has been around for so long, I believe that people will make it their life long goal to travel in time.

And that is why time travel is real.
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