Top 5 Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods

Top 5 Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods
Posted on 10/25/2023
Top 5 Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods Caiden Pines
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Trick-or-Treating is coming up and many kids may be wondering the best neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Simple answer, is there is no number one place to go. A better question is where are the top 5 places to go.

The Preserves, Indian Creek, Signal Hill, Good Hope South, and Walden make up CV Eye's top five list.

Many consider the Preserve in Enola off of Wertzville Road to be the best because of how big the neighborhood is and how big some of the houses are. It also is mainly all kids who live there, so almost every house will have plenty of candy, no old timers that don't do halloween. There is also a very diverse age range in there so it is not just all teenagers that don't trick or treat anyore.

Indian Creek in Mechanicsburg is a great neighborhood to stop by to trick or treat because of how deep they are in the amount of houses they have. They have various branches of roads in the neighborhood, so you have plenty of options in the neighborhood. A lot of families of all age ranges make up Indian Creek, so they expect visitors on Trick or Treat night

One of our larger house neighborhoods is Signal Hill. Signal Hill is not as large in quantity as a neighborhood like Walden, but the thing that makes Signal Hill a spot to hit up is the size of the houses. Now size does not always matter in houses because someone could have a large house and it means nothing, but in this case the bounty is usually plentiful.

Good Hope South is another great place to not only because how many houses they are but because all of the kids in the neighborhood. Which means almost every house will have a bucket with candy. Not a lot of those houses with no candy. Also it is in a very great place because it is right off the Pike. 

The last neighborhood on the list is Walden. Walden is located right in Mechanicsburg. The houses in that neighborhood are close to one another with plenty of houses that will fill up your candy bucket while you trick-or-treat. The people that live in Walden are all great, friendly, genuine people. They definitely will have a lot of candy that they will be handing out to you.

Remember to stay safe and be aware of cars, and bring your best manners along with you. 

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