What is CV’s Reputation in Other Schools?

What is CV’s Reputation in Other Schools?
Posted on 09/28/2023
What is CV’s Reputation in Other Schools?

What is CV’s Reputation in Other Schools?

Brooklyn Vicari and Mya Thomas

Staff Writers

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Cumberland Valley has a certain reputation in the area. For years CV has been viewed as the school with a ton of kids and the best facilities, often creating an image of elitism or snobbery in some peoples' opinions. But what do students from other local schools think of CV now?

A Mechanicsburg Junior said, “I think It has very good academics and values grades and its students success.”

She believes that Cumberland Valley offers a lot of academic opportunities that other schools may not.

“It has a very good athletic department and puts a lot of time and energy into it.”

With the size of each class, the pool of talent is very large, creating a high standard throughout the athletic department.

Although she has lots of positive things to say about our district, the student from Mechanicsburg went on to say, “It is a big school so one on one time with students getting help from teachers is rare.”

A senior from East Penn said, “We think your school is huge and really good at sports. We don’t play you in any sports though because we aren’t as good, so you’re kind of irrelevant to us.”

Even as self involved as CV is, we don’t have a reputation to as many schools as we believe we do.

A Central Dauphin Junior said, “Your school has good academics and many opportunities. We don’t have nearly the amount of classes or clubs that CV has. CV also has good sports teams and successful athletes.”

One thing is sure, CV can be proud of the reputation it has throughout the region and state.

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