What's The Word with Wordle?

What's the Wordle?
Posted on 02/23/2022
What’s the Word with Wordle?
Lili Graff
Staff Writer
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First, it was Scrabble, then Word Cookies and Words with Friends. Now, the New York Times has publicized the game, Wordle, which has completely consumed all social media platforms and taken Cumberland Valley students by storm.

Despite its addictiveness, Wordle is no more than a simple word game in which a keyboard of letters is used to find a five-letter secret word. The entered letters will either turn gray, green, or yellow based upon where their placement in the hidden word is, or if the word contains that letter in general. Players have 6 guesses total to correctly enter the randomly selected five-letter word, although the goal is to use the least amount of guesses possible for bragging rights.

Junior, and frequent Wordle player, Colson Cutting said, “The least amount of attempts it’s taken me to get the word is two. It really all just came down to luck though.”

Another factor that makes the Wordle so appealing is the daily aspect of it. Players must wait in anticipation until the Wordle resets with a new letter combination every 24 hours.

“I play Wordle really whenever I can, or remember about it. If I'm awake past midnight, I’ll usually play it then, but if not I’ll just play when I have free time during the day. It tends to be earlier in the day though, because I don’t want the word to be spoiled to me,” Cutting said.

The new craze reached its height of popularity this past winter. Many of Wordle's players show off their word solving skills on Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram by posting a screenshot of their game scores. In addition to this, videos showing tips and tricks on how to efficiently guess the correct word are spread all throughout TikTok and YouTube.

Wordle floods the halls of Cumberland Valley as students play the popular game in class. Players must be careful not to spoil the game for themselves or else they will have to wait another 24 hours before playing again.

Cutting said, “One tip I have would be to start with a word that has a lot of vowels and commonly used letters. I personally use the word Soare to start a lot of the time.”

Try the online game yourself by simply typing “Wordle” into any search engine or using the following THIS LINK.  
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