Dr. Rawls Previews '23-'24

Dr. Rawls Previews '23-'24
Posted on 09/13/2023
Dr. Rawls Previews '23-'24Dr. Rawls Previews '23-'24
Curtis Shinn and Caden Lloyd
Staff Writers
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Principal Dr Rawls is starting his second year at CVHS and is looking forward to in the 23-24 school year. 

“I think [the first two weeks] went pretty good, I think, all the students are getting where they need to be and we had a really good start to the school year even though it was early,” Dr Rawls said.

What are some highlights coming up for 23-24?

“I think CV You day, I mean we're doing that for its gonna be our third year, so I think it's starting to pick up momentum, so that's a big highlight for us. Working with the community and getting the community to work with students on their future and just hearing from some different people, so I think that's gonna be a big highlight. Other big student events of course are the seniors are getting ready for the beginning of their senior year so you know always looking forward to their graduation, and moving the seniors along. So those are some major things coming up this year."

Are there any major changes to how the school runs that students should know about?

“No actually, so I think that's another big part of why things got off to a smooth start too because it's our third year with this schedule but our second year in a row with the same schedule. I think last year there were like four different schedules in four years so I think that continuity and consistency that's played a big part in just everybody kinda beginning to understand some things. I mean you know we changed up nest a little bit starting off with the announcements, but that's not a major change, but that is a change. But overall not a lot of change,” Dr Rawls said.

CV has taken flight for '23-'24.
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