Pickleball Courts Open for Season

Pickleball Courts Open for Season
Posted on 03/25/2024
Pickleball Courts Open for SeasonAs the weather warms up and spring rounds the corner, one of the most popular outdoor activities returns: pickleball. There are many pickleball courts around the Cumberland Valley area with Smashpoint, Creekview, and Hampden being some of the most popular.

Smashpoint is a great indoor pickleball facility with 8 playing courts that are open all year round from 6 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 8 PM on weekends. Paddles and balls are offered at the facility as well. Every pickleball court has a lounge to sit at, so you and your friends can hang out and have fun. However, Smashpoint is a private facility that costs money to play at. A monthly membership is $20 and one day of play is $14. Smashpoint offers private lessons, group lessons, and tournaments. It is a great place for pickleball, and we definitely recommend it.

Creekview is an outdoor public park that provides many facilities for sports, such as basketball, tennis, and pickleball. They have 4 pickleball courts with fencing around them. However, courts are not blocked off from each other, so your ball occasionally goes into other courts. You must have your own pickleball, paddles, and balls to play at Creekview. The courts are open every day of the week at all times and have lights that can be turned on for $0.25. However, it is often crowded during the day. We recommend this park for people who do not mind playing around others and enjoy being outdoors.

Hampden Park is another high-quality public park with 4 pickleball courts. Similar to Creekview, Hampden is open each day at all times with lights that can be turned on for $0.25. You also need your own pickleball supplies, and your ball may interfere with other groups at times. However, the pickleball courts at Hampden are often less crowded than Creekview. Hampden Park is known for its large public pool, so the pickleball courts are overlooked at times, causing them to be less crowded. We recommend Hampden Park for people who enjoy playing outdoors and who want to avoid the crowds.

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