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Posted on 05/02/2022
AP ClassStudents’ Habits During AP Season
Meredith Seeber
Staff Writer

Despite the school year nearing its end, students are more alert than ever before: it’s AP exam season. Those participating in AP exams must figure out healthy studying habits while keeping up with their current course load. There are, however, tricks and tips on how to succeed.

“Studying is very difficult. I rarely have time outside of other obligations and normal homework to review for my three AP exams: AP US History, AP Chemistry, and AP Calculus AB,” junior Ola Gradzka said.

The insight Gradzka provides on the abundant course loads that students face during AP exams may aid teachers to create plans and assignments less time consuming or plans that would allow more studying opportunities for these exams. However, not all teachers back their workload down, so students must find the best way to succeed on AP exams in limited time.

“Start as early as you can when you have more time. Once it gets close to exam week, it will feel really close,” Gradzka said.

“Students should break up their studying by units and topics. Also, do the reviews provided by the teachers and AP Classroom,” junior Cara Morrison, who is taking the AP Environmental Science exam, said.

The stress included by the regular toll of AP class work, as well as the stress from AP exams, has led many students to find alternative solutions on how to study the best to earn a score of five on their exams-- hopefully, helping other students in the process.

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