Athletic History and Info Screen

Posted on 02/06/2019
CV's Newest Edition
Emma Neely
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Courtesy of the Athletic Office, a new informational screen is being added to Cumberland Valley High School. It will be going up in front of the dome on the cafeteria side. This screen is a touch screen, so people will be able to go through the different sports teams at the touch of a finger.

The main contributor to this project was one of our own, Junior Dylan Hrivnak. Hrivnak was an intern to the Athletic Office.

"Last year around May, my Advanced Film teacher, Mr. Bomboy, asked us if anyone would be interested in doing a film related internship for the athletic office, and about two people raised their hands. The summer passed and I hadn’t heard anything. But, on the second day of school, Mrs. Conesavage, pulled me aside during my class and told me I could I interview to do the internship. A few days later, I interviewed and got it." Hrivnak said.

It is pretty hard to envision a touch screen the size of a T.V. in front of the dome, however, "As of right now, the website itself is active, but we are in the process of uploading more pictures to make it worthwhile to view. Potentially, the screen could go live by the end of February," Hrivnak said.

To confirm Hrivnak's statement, Mrs. Koontz, from the athletic Office, said, "The screen should be up before the end of February."

On this screen will be pictures of all of the sports' plaques currently located on the second tier of the dome, so the viewer can scroll through them to try to find more information on each sport. In the end allowing the school to learn more about their athletic programs as a whole.

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