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Posted on 10/02/2019
RecyclingWays to be More Eco-friendly and Live Sustainably

Nyla Anderson and Nadia Liban
Staff Writers
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Humans are overusing natural resources, which can damage the ecosystems around us. To preserve remaining ecosystems, we should limit the amount of resources we use and replace items with different products that we can reuse. We are going to show you ways to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

Using cloth over paper reduces resources used and saves money. At first, it may seem more expensive, but over time the price of buying products like paper towels and napkins will be more than the price of cloths. They last longer and can be washed, while paper towels are useless after being used once and run out quickly.

Same with plastic shopping bags. There are many grocery stores that offer reusable bags to buy instead of using plastic bags. If you still choose to use plastic bags, make sure to throw them away. Plastic bags get stuck on animals or get consumed by them. An average plastic bag takes around 10-20 years to biodegrade, while plastic bottles take 450 years.

Recycling as much as you can also helps ecosystems. Some restaurants and food courts at malls give a choice to recycle. If any leftover items are recyclable, recycle it. Don’t put it in the garbage if it doesn’t need to be.

Turn off the lights before you leave the room. Doing this makes sure that you’re not using that extra energy and it’s saves money. That also goes for turning off appliances that you aren’t using at the time.

Resell and donate items. Even if you don’t need a certain item donating or selling them can get a use again. Go to your local thrift store and donate!

Take shorter showers. Showers are the third largest water use after toilets and clothes washers. Limiting your showers to 5-10 minutes a day saves water and money.

Find replacements for plastic items, get a reusable coffee mug or water bottle for cheap at any drug store. When shopping bring reusable bags.

Finding ways to replace harmful things with sustainable items will help the Earth.

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