Breakfast Free Again in PA Schools

Breakfast Free Again in PA Schools
Posted on 09/13/2023
Breakfast Free Again in PA SchoolsBreakfast is Free Again In PA Schools
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Students move through the CV cafeteria breakfast line before 1st period.

Breakfast is free again at CV thanks to a bill passed by Governor Josh Shapiro. The 2023-2024 PA budget includes a 46.5 million dollar increase to provide breakfast to PA school students. This means that students at CV can get free breakfast like they did two years ago, and both staff and students are grateful.

"We appreciate the business and we're doing a lot better, definitely seeing longer lines," veteran cafeteria aid Gerry Schiano said.

The cafeteria staff is harder at work than ever.

"With the increase of meals, we’ve had to have more people help serve and prep breakfast rather than get a head start for lunch," Schiano said. 

The program has brought more students to the cafeteria.

Junior Owen Rose said, “Yeah, I get it almost everyday if I can now”.

“Yes I get it more often,” Senior Sebastian Prowell said.

And the crowds?

“It’s definitely a lot more packed. There’s a lot more people getting breakfast, and it definitely takes longer to get my meal," Rose said.

A product of the program is that some students can save time during their pre-school routine in the morning and even save some money along the way.

“I kinda just come into school now,” Sebastian Prowell said.

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