BrightBytes School Climate Survey

BrightBytes Survey
Posted on 11/19/2019
BrightBytes SurveyEverybody’s Opinion Counts... Or Does It?
Riley Powell
Staff Writer
[email protected]

In a school with thousands of students, Cumberland Valley is constantly trying to find ways to understand
the day to day lives of its students and to also identify problems and work toward their solutions. 

Since it is difficult to know about everything happening in the high school during the school day, several surveys are created for students to complete anonymously.

The most recent round of surveys focused mainly on bullying and how teachers treat their students. For example, some of the questions asked we on subjects  including drugs, smoking, alcohol, student
favoritism, and bullying based on racial background or sexuality.

Students took the survey in class, but several have the same belief that the survey is not exactly useful. In fact, many believe that their opinions do not matter or count.

“I don’t think any of my opinions are applicable to the school and I don’t think the school will do anything
about it,” senior Eamonn Mattiello said. “This is more to just ease the minds of concerned parents rather than to interact any change at the school.”

Senior Shriya Wani said,“I understand that they’re trying to make an effort to better things for students and understand them better, but I don’t think the survey will change anything,” Wani said. “I think it would be more impactful and actually enact change if students told their stories about their struggles with drugs or how much
discrimination has affected them rather than a presentation or survey.”

On Tuesday, the high school scheduled a mid-day class meeting for teachers to present the Support and Report Presentation as the most recent strategy to improve the school climate. 
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