CV Mini-THON Continues

COVID-19 Will Not Stop THON
Posted on 09/24/2020
THONMaddie Keefer
Staff Writer
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Members of the CV Mini-THON Leadership Team participated in “Mini-THON Mondays” on
social media by snapping a picture of themselves with their diamonds up.

The Cumberland Valley Mini-THON has altered their schedule drastically due to COVID-19 and
its consequential limitations. CV Mini-THON does not plan on scrapping an entire year due to
the pandemic, and the school wide function has already done summer activities and plans to
keep the FTK mentality alive.

“It was important for us [over the summer] to make sure we were following guidelines, and even
though other clubs and other schools were doing events, we know that didn’t get direct approval
from our administration. So, we wanted to make sure that we were following safety guidelines
that our school gave us, so we weren’t able to do a car wash, but we were able to post every
Monday, called Mini-THON Mondays,” senior and CV Mini-THON Overall Bella LaVia said. “We
would have people send in pictures of them holding up diamonds wherever their summer took
them, and I think that was a great way to keep everyone involved throughout the summer and
share that and keep the spirit.”

Alongside Mini-THON Mondays, the CV Mini-THON Leadership Team organized a Bruster’s Ice
Cream Fundraiser so participants could safely social distance, wear their masks, and have a
good time while supporting the cause. The Leadership Team collected $200 to donate towards
the school’s end of the year fundraising total.

CV Mini-THON has yet to release an official schedule, so questions have been raised as to
what the school year will look like for the function. Will there be committees? Will there be
additional fundraisers? What about Donor Drive? Is everything virtual? The Overalls and
Leadership team are answering these questions so the Mini-THON schedule can start up
normally and as soon as possible.

“So as of now, we have already passed dates where events would’ve happened normally, but
we are hoping that events, like the golf outing and the gold out tailgate, we’re hoping that we
can push them back to the spring. And, if spring sports do happen, a possibility is having the
gold out tailgate at a sporting event, like a lacrosse game. So we’re hopeful for that, and right
now we’re working on fundraisers that we can do, and being creative and coming up with new
ideas that we haven’t done in past years,” LaVia said with regards to the potential fundraisers.

“We’re getting ready to do a clothing order in October, we’re going to be having a food truck
night in November… We’re also working on fundraiser nights at different restaurants, like Jersey
Mike’s, Chipotle, and Chick-fil-a.”

The leadership is in talks with Mr. Martin and Mr. Robinson to communicate information about
committees before October. Students should be able to go onto the CV Mini-THON website and
register to be a committee member, although at this point they will not be separated into
individual committees with specialized tasks. The hope is that if the committees need to be
divided in the spring, then CV Mini-THON will already have a strong group of dedicated students
willing to put in the work for the event.

No matter when or how the CV Mini-THON takes place, LaVia urges people to remember that
the event will be special no matter what. COVID-19 has significantly altered what the year looks
like, but it cannot stop the FTK spirit from echoing throughout the Cumberland Valley
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